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  • Dear Customer:

    We have been recovering data for individuals and companies just like you since 1990. We look forward to helping you recover your important data too. Even though losing data is stressful, you can rest assured that Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services is second to none when it comes to retrieving data from all kinds of data loss situations.

    Send Us Your Drive for FREE Diagnosis

    FREE SHIPPING - From Any UPS Store Nationwide.

    To make it easier for you, just take your drive to your local UPS Store or we will arrange a UPS pickup at your location. WE PAY THE SHIPPING. Packing services are available at all UPS Store Locations, additional charges may apply.

    To help us expedite your recovery process, please be sure to print, fill out and sign the service form, including it with your shipment. If scheduling your drive/media for pickup, please have it filled out, signed and packaged prior to the driver’s arrival.

    Please be sure to include your email address on your paperwork when faxing to (888) 854-5663. Once we receive your fax, we will email you a shipping label.

    For Additional Information Call 24/7
    Call: (877) 331-2313 ext. 1 or Email us at:

    Include the attached form with the make, model, drive size and brief description of your hard drive or media issue. A Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services Specialist will get back to you in 24 hours or less. Remember, there is no cost to you! We offer FREE Shipping and FREE Diagnosis.

    The recovery process will immediately begin once we receive your media and paperwork.

    Here’s an outline of the recovery process: Perform initial diagnostic tests to determine what procedures will be required to recover your data. Once the initial diagnostics is complete, we will provide you with a firm price for recovery based on the procedures required to retrieve your data. Upon your authorization to proceed, we will do everything possible to recover your data. Once recovery is complete we will provide you with a list of recoverable files. We will test specific files for you to ensure the data you need is good. We will return your data.

    Thank you for selecting Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services. We promise you, we will do everything in our power to restore your files as quickly as possible.

    PS...Remember, we guarantee to meet or beat any competitors’ written estimate!

    Please take a moment to look at the Shipping Suggestions at the bottom of page 3.

    Best Regards,
    Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services Team

    Please complete this form and fax it to us at (888) 854-5663, and include a copy of this page with your storage device. Our receipt of this signed work order confirmation indicates that you agree to the Terms and Conditions posted on the 'protechdatarecovery.com', website. The estimated completion time begins from the time we receive your media. In situations where the recovery process will exceed the estimated time you will be notified that this is the case and informed as we make progress.

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    Accepted Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard

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  • The more information we have below, the better we can expedite the recovery process. Please be sure to detail everything that has been done, symptoms, and most important files to retrieve. We'll save those files first, just in case the media is damaged too severely to retrieve everything from it.

  • Information We Need To Prosses Your Data Recovery Request;

    Let us know your device type; desktop, laptop, external hard drive, smart phone, tablet, sd card, jump drive, etc. Be sure to Include the make, model, size/capacity, (passcode for smart phones and tablets only), and a brief description of what is going on with your device.

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  • Shipping Suggestions

    1) Send only the hard drive or media. It is not Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services' policy to receive or store additional equipment as it may be damaged and also delays the recovery process. By sending or leaving equipment with Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services, you understand and agree that Data Recovery Services 4 Less Services will not be held liable for any damage or loss that may be sustained by or to the equipment. 2) Wrap your drive (or other storage device) in anti-static bubble wrap or in anti-static foam. 3) Place the drive (or other storage device) in a box twice its size, and fill the remainder of the box with packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper, or bubble wrap. 4) Include the completed Work Order. Incomplete Work Orders will delay the recovery process. 5) We recommend using USPS with tracking, or UPS for expedited shipping. 6) PLEASE pack your drive (or other storage device) carefully to prevent further damage to your hardware and data. Improper packing can cause further damage, making data unrecoverable or requiring more extensive recovery procedures. Contact us at (877) 331-2313 if you need further assistance or suggestions.

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